Our moms deserve the best. Each year Mother’s Day seems to sneak up on me and each year I’m disappointed with the last minute gift I’ve pick up for my mom. However, this year I’m on my A-game and it’s all thanks to my addiction to bullet journaling.

If you’ve been like me, trying to find a last minute Mother’s Day gift usually ends in disappointment after a dash to pick up something even remotely cute, useful, or exciting that will spark some feels from your mama. My mom appreciates everything I gift her, but this year my goal is to step it up and get her something she will appreciate even more than the typical flowers and card combo with a gift from a last minute stop at TJ Maxx or Nordstrom.

So, without any further ado, below you will find the Harvard & Oakdale 2019 Mother’s Day Gift Guide:

  1. Powerbeats3 Bluetooth Wireless Earphones from Amazon: I love the color and the fit of these headphones. I keep a pair of these in my gym bag and since I’ve been working out with my mom on the weekends I noticed she still uses the Apple headphones that came with her phone. It’s about time we get that cord out of her way during her gym sesh.
  2. A cute pair of embroidered shoes from Amazon: Seriously, how cute are these shoes? I’m obsessed and may even pick myself up a pair. With any luck we’ll both end up packing them for our trip to Paris this June.
  3. A waxed canvas tote from Hippirhino on Etsy: this tote is not only cute and stylish but totally functional and environmentally friendly. This is a sturdy bag that’s going to last a lot longer than the ones found at TJ- Maxx and Home Goods that my mom is currently using.
  4. An HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer from Amazon: Does your mom take as many photos of her pets as mine? I was scrolling through her photos the other day and there were hundreds of her fat lazy cat. Now she can print her favorites and put them on the fridge for others to enjoy.
  5. Smartphone lenses from Amazon: As we know from idea number 4 above, my mom has an addiction to taking pictures of her cat. With these babies she can pretend she’s a professional photographer and get Mister Dude’s good side. (Yes, her cat’s name is Mister Dude).
  6. A terrazzo photo case from JoyMerrymanStore on Etsy: I love this minimalist phone case and I think my mom would too, however, I have to wait for her to upgrade her ancient Iphone 4 or 5 to get her one.
  7. A Q&A a Day: 5-year Journal: I remember rummaging through my mom’s sock drawer as a kid and discovering her journal. At the time I wasn’t able to read cursive so I never got an insight into her most deepest thoughts, but I always remembered she kept one. Whether she still keeps one today or not, this journal asks you a different question every day and can be very therapeutic for the mind.
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