Harvard here and I think it’s time I tell you how essential oils are… for lack of a better word…essential in my home. I use them just about everyday. From aromatherapy purposes to cleaning the house or to make our sheets that much more comforting during bedtime. I love their versatility.

The Harvard house has been working on lowering the amount of household waste we produce and my first step was to eliminate the purchase of aerosol cans and items wrapped in plastic. Most room sprays come in either of these forms so why not make my own using things I already owned and could reuse repeatedly.

So without any further ado, below you will find a quick DIY tutorial detailing how to create a room spray guaranteed to freshen up your space and invite the scents of the season into your home. Let’s get started.

1 Amber or plastic spray bottle
25-30 drops of Essential oils
Witch Hazel
Distilled Water

1. Pour 20-35 drops of essential oils into your spray bottle
2. Fill the bottle ⅓ of the way with witch hazel
3. Fill to the top with distilled water
4. Screw the cap on the bottle and give it a good shake.
5. Spray away!

Options: If you don’t have witch hazel you may use vodka as a substitute. The witch hazel or vodka will help the oil and water to mix. It also helps the scent last longer.

I encourage you to get creative with your oil blends. You can find all kinds of blends on Pinterest, however, here are my favorites:
Fall: 12 drops Frankincense, 12 drops Orange, 8 drops Clove Spring: 12 drops Lavender, 9 drops Rosemary, 6 drops Lemongrass
Summer: 8 drops Frankincense, 8 drops Cedarwood, 4 drop Rosemary, 8 drops Orange
Spring: 12 drops Lavender, 9 drops Rosemary, 6 drops Lemongrass
Winter: 10 drops Orange, 10 drops Frankincense, 10 drops Cinnamon

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